How to speed up your smartphone in 2 minutes: a simple trick

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Applications such as games and social networks can clog up the phone's internal memory.

A phone that is slow to respond is very annoying, and you want to change it immediately. But don't rush to buy a new one. Perhaps it's all about clogged internal memory, which impairs the functionality of the gadget. That's why it's important to know how to free up your smartphone's memory to speed up its performance.

In particular, it is worth reviewing the settings of some applications that store the most information. OBOZREVATEL has put together some tips on which apps you should pay attention to.

How internal memory works

The storage device installed in your phone stores all your photos, videos, files, data, applications, and system settings at the same time. If it's full to the brim, running apps becomes very difficult, because they also need a certain amount of free memory. Here are 5 types of apps that use it the most.


Messengers are a convenient way to communicate, allowing you to instantly exchange messages, calls, and files of various types. But all these files are stored on your device and start to take up a lot of memory over time. The default settings usually accumulate data without any restrictions. Therefore, from time to time, clear the corresponding folder, manually limit the storage time of such files, or turn off automatic recording of media content on your device.

Web browsers

Web browsing applications cache all information and use your phone's internal memory. What does this mean? When you visit a website for the first time, elements of the page, such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, are stored in the browser's cache. The next time you visit the same site, the browser loads this data from the cache so that the user can access the web page faster. This is convenient, but it quickly clogs up the device's internal memory. Therefore, periodically clear the browser cache in its settings.

Maps and geolocation

All maps and geolocation applications store both a cache of navigation data and maps that you download for offline use. Periodically delete unnecessary data to free up space on your smartphone's internal storage.

Mobile video games

Applications of this type load the phone with all possible methods - they require a large resource of the processor, graphics chip and, of course, a significant amount of physical memory. High-quality graphics, animations, sound effects and game levels all take up space on the disc. In addition, when you complete a level or download new content, this data is also stored in the phone's internal memory. So make sure to periodically clear the cache of all your games.

Social media

Another platform for publishing content that can store it on physical media in your smartphone is social media apps. In addition, these apps often have large file sizes and store cached data. Therefore, social media apps also need to periodically clear the cache.

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