How to speed up a Windows laptop in 60 seconds: a useful tiphack

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Cleaning the autorun will help speed up Windows

You may mistakenly think that your Windows computer or laptop takes a long time to start up because it's already out of date and needs to be updated. But wait, the reason for the slow startup is probably because you have a mess in your autorun.

Fixing this problem will not only allow your device to start up faster, but will free up resources to run your system faster. OBOZREVATEL explains how to do this.

Simplifying the startup process will result in faster boot times, but it will also help clean up your taskbar or menu bar, freeing up processing power that was used for rarely used programs.

You don't even need extraneous system cleanup programs that you have to pay money for to help your computer. All you need is a quick trip to the Windows settings menu. This is where you can tell the system which programs to run immediately.

Here's how to disable startup programs:

  • In Windows 10 or 11, click the Start menu and select the Settings icon;
  • Go to "Programs" and open "Launcher";
  • Remove the marks from the programs you don't need right after you boot your computer.

Autorun of which programs should I disable?

Experts advise to pay attention to programs that should not run constantly in the background, as well as those that are marked as having a high impact on computer performance. They should be the first candidates for disabling, because they are most likely to slow down the PC during startup.

You can safely disable Microsoft Edge and various messengers that somehow won't send notifications until you open the program yourself.

Even if an app isn't labeled as having a "high impact" on performance, you can still turn it off if you don't need it to run immediately.

If you are worried that you will turn something off and Windows will stop working, you don't have to worry because the system won't give you that option. Besides, even if you disable something you need, you can go back to the settings later and enable the program you want again.

To do this, simply repeat the previous path: "Settings" > "Programs" > "Run" and turn it on or off again.

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