How to shine leather shoes: a life hack that few people know

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True fashionistas know why you shouldn't throw away your banana peel when you wear leather shoes

We expect leather shoes to have a shiny appearance because high-quality genuine leather is characterized by this specific shine that gives it a chic look. But how do you achieve this shine and protect your shoes at the same time?

OBOZ.UA asked the opinion of leather care experts. They have some life hacks on what to cover the leather with and what to rub it with so that your favorite shoes will last longer and remain new in appearance.

Products for shining leather

Of course, the easiest way to make leather shoes shine is to buy a special cream. But it may not always be at hand. This is where home remedies come in, which will do the job just as well.

Oil – any vegetable oil, whether it is sunflower or olive, can clean shoes from dust and cover them with a thin water-repellent layer. The main secret is not to overdo it with the amount of product. Put just a few drops of vegetable oil on a clean, soft cloth and rub it well on the surface of the leather. In addition to all the benefits of this treatment, you will get a pleasant shine.

Banana peel – if you don't have oil on hand, but you do have a banana, its peel can replace your shoe shine brush. Rub your pair with the inside of the peel and then polish it with a soft cloth and it will shine like new.

Vinegar – this product can remove scuffs from the leather. It is better to use vinegar not pure, but diluted in equal proportions with water. Lightly moisten a cloth with it and rub the problem area thoroughly. The abrasion should disappear and the skin should become shiny again.

Cosmetic petroleum jelly – if the use of this product in caring for your appearance is debated quite fiercely, its benefits in shoe care remain undeniable. Use a small amount of petroleum jelly instead of cream and your shoes will be well protected and shiny.

Tips for proper shoe care

For shoes to be truly shiny, they need to be properly cared for. That's why we've put together some life hacks on how to clean them properly to keep them looking their best.

If your cleanser is too thin, it won't adhere well to the leather. To make it thicker, leave the jar open for a couple of hours or put it in the freezer overnight. After that, the cream will adhere better to the leather surface.

Change shoe cloths on time. A tool that is heavily impregnated with a care product becomes stiffer and does not polish the surface as well.

Never clean shoes without pads. Only if the pair holds its shape well from the inside will you be able to treat it with real quality.

A hairdryer will help get rid of wrinkles and creases, but you need to use it carefully. Turn on the device at the lowest temperature and keep it away from your skin to avoid drying or burning it.

Old women's tights or stockings will help to give your skin a brighter shine. Treat the pair with a cleaning agent, dry it with a cloth, and finally polish it with an old stocking and you will see the difference.

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