How to share a forgotten Wi-Fi password with Android and iPhone

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Sharing your Wi-Fi password with friends isn't that hard

Sometimes you may need to share your home Wi-Fi password, but you're worried about having to change it later. Maybe you don't trust guests, or you use one password for everything - there could be many reasons. You'll be happy to know that you can let anyone access the network without revealing the password itself. And you won't have to secretly enter it on someone else's phone to do so.

NextPit tells you about clever methods for spreading your Wi-Fi password, which will work even when you yourself don't remember what password your smartphone automatically connects to the network with.

Create a QR code with your password

In some Android smartphones, starting from the tenth version of the OS, it has become very easy to read the Wi-Fi password or share it using a QR code. Such a trick works at least in Pixel smartphones from Google, Samsung and Xiaomi.

Here's what you need to do to do this:

  • open your phone's Wi-Fi settings;
  • select a connected Wi-Fi network (or tap the gear icon);
  • tap Share or QR code and confirm your identity with your password or fingerprint.

After this you will have a QR code generated, which can be scanned with another phone. After scanning the QR code, the phone will automatically connect to Wi-Fi.

Some Android smartphones can also show the password itself, if you don't mind others knowing it.

Third-party apps to crack Wi-Fi passwords

There are a large number of programs in the Google Play Store that promise that they will find your Wi-Fi password in no time at all. But most of them can't do anything like that and are designed solely for spam and hacker attacks.

It is better not to even try to find out your Wi-Fi password with them.

Show Wi-Fi password via an application (root rights required)

If you like taking risks and are ready to "hack" your Android with root rights, you will be able to see the Wi-Fi password saved on your phone.

To do this, you will need to install the app WiFi Passwords or WiFi Key Recovery.

However, don't forget that getting root rights on your smartphone can leave you without warranty service from the manufacturer.

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone and iPad

Devices with the same Apple ID

In iOS, there is no way to display the Wi-Fi password without an additional device or jailbreak. However, you are in luck if you are using an iMac or MacBook, as iOS stores security keys for known networks in the Keychain app, where you can easily view them.

Since Wi-Fi passwords on the iPhone are stored in the Apple ID, they are automatically available on all other Apple devices. So just select the wireless network set up on your iPad on the device with the same Apple ID.

Devices with different Apple IDs

If a friend wants to connect to your Wi-Fi and you don't remember the security key, you don't have to look it up or try to remember it.

All you have to do is have a friend try to connect to your network without knowing the password. If you're within Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range, you'll get a notification on your phone asking you to share your password when you try to connect. So you'll just have to tap Share.

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