How to save teeth from stains after coffee or red wine: dentists' advice

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Coffee can lead to dark stains on the teeth

Your favourite beverages can be a gourmet delight, but also a lot of work. In particular, coffee or red wine, which are adored by many people, are bound to leave a mark on your teeth. To get rid of ugly coffee stains, you will either have to use expensive teeth whitening products or go to the dentist for an even more expensive cleaning.

However, despite the seemingly hopeless situation, it is possible to save a snow-white smile. And you don't even have to give up your favourite drinks. You just need to listen to the advice of dentists published by Inverse.

What foods leave stains on teeth

American dentist Angela Abernathy warns that it's not just coffee or red wine. Any food can leave a mark on your teeth. But there are some foods that are real masters at it.

"Stains are usually caused by things we consume on a daily basis. These are things like coffee, tea, red wine, curry, turmeric, betel nuts, tobacco products, and even some prescription mouthwashes," warns Abernathy.

In other words, the dentist adds, "if it can stain a white T-shirt, it can stain your teeth."

She also warns that black and green tea, which are loved by many, stain teeth even worse than black coffee. According to her, this is due to the higher amount of tannic acid contained in tea.

"Green tea stains your teeth a little less (than black tea), but it also stains your teeth over time," the dentist warned.

Two types of stains on teeth

US dentist Daniel Adelpour explains that there are two types of tooth stains: internal and external.

"External stains affect the outer layer of the tooth, called enamel. These stains are usually caused by eating dark-coloured foods or drinks, as well as foods containing tannins, such as red wine and coffee," the expert said.

Internal stains affect the inner layer of the tooth, called dentin. They are formed not because of what we eat, but because of "certain medications, ageing, and dental history." A tooth can darken due to improper shaping, old fillings, or dental procedures that leave the tooth dead inside and discolour it.

How to prevent stains on your teeth

Abernathy and Adelpour emphasise that the best way to prevent external stains is to limit or completely eliminate the consumption of foods, drinks or tobacco products that stain teeth. However, the dentists admit that this may not be entirely feasible.

"Everyone loves their morning coffee or a glass of wine with dinner," Adelpour admits.

However, he is sure that there are less radical ways to protect your teeth. In addition to regular brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist for cleaning, you can also rinse your mouth with clean water after drinking a "staining" drink or product.

It's also a good idea to use a straw to limit the contact of drinks with your teeth. Abernathy believes that this may well help prevent stains.

He also advises avoiding aggressive "whitening" toothpastes, especially those containing charcoal, as they are often too abrasive and can lead to enamel wear and gum problems.

"The dentists' recommendations are mostly about external stains - those that appear as a result of eating certain foods or drinks - because 'they are largely caused by the development or chemically altered areas of dentin'," says Adelpour.

He concludes that while simple rules can help prevent stains on teeth, they are no substitute for regular dental visits.

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