How to save dying orchids: an effective trick

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How to save an orchid

Orchids attract with their exoticism as bright flowers decorate the house and delight with their beauty. But it is a finicky plant that needs proper care and regular feeding. Unfortunately, many housewives face a problem when the orchid begins to die.

OBOZ.UA has found an effective trick that will help to cope with this. You will need one interesting product that will bring the plant back to life.


Such an exotic fruit will help to save a wilted orchid and provide bright and abundant flowering. All you need is the shell and husk, which will serve as a pot and filling for the flowerpot.

First, you need to prepare the coconut. Scoop out the flesh and milk to form the shape of the pot. Carefully remove the orchid from the container and gently shake off any dirt and debris so as not to stress the pot. Cut off any discolored, rotten, or damaged roots.

Then place the fragile plant in a coconut and fill all the cracks with coconut husks. This way, you will create an ideal environment that promotes aeration and moisture retention, which is essential for growth and development.

The fibrous husk provides a balanced microclimate, preventing waterlogging of the roots while promoting proper water drainage.

This interesting method will quickly bring your orchid back to life. When the plant is in a healthy state, transplant it back into the pot.

Remember to water the flowerpot, but do not overdo t. Check the roots regularly for any signs of decay.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published tips from experienced owners to help prolong the flowering of an orchid.

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