How to remove tarnish on glassware: products for perfect shine

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How to get rid of the plaque on glassware

Housewives often face a common situation when after washing glasses, they are left with plaque, stains, and stains. This problem can be solved by a dishwasher, but not everyone has one, and expensive chemicals are not always able to effectively clean dishes.

OBOZ.UA has found effective and simple methods to help you deal with this. Thanks to the available ingredients, you can restore the perfect shine to glassware.

Mustard powder

This is a versatile product that will perfectly cope with cleaning various surfaces. The powder will clean glasses from unwanted deposits. Mix two tablespoons of mustard powder in five liters of water. Leave the dishes in the solution for 15 minutes. Then rinse everything under running cold water.

Laundry soap

Grate a small bar of soap and dissolve it in warm water. Then use a sponge to wash the dishes, rinse and dry them.

Vinegar or citric acid

These essential ingredients will help you get rid of unwanted stains, deposits, and odors. Add two tablespoons of citric acid or vinegar to a liter of water, stir everything and wash the dishes in the solution. The acid will make the glass shiny and clear.

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