How to remove superglue stains from clothes: a method that works even in hopeless cases

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Nail polish remover can easily remove superglue stains on clothes

Superglue is always at hand for those who work a lot with their hands. This can be various arts and crafts, repairs, and some kind of crafting. If this applies to you, you know perfectly well how unpleasant it can be to find a stain of this substance on your favorite clothes. It may seem that such a shirt or pants is headed straight for the trash, but it's not.

It's quite easy to clean up superglue stains with a product that you can buy at any supermarket. As OBOZ.UA found out, it is an acetone-based nail polish remover. Here's how to use it correctly.

Acetone is a substance of natural origin. It has low toxicity and is extremely effective as a solvent. It can be used to remove a lot of different stains and dirt.

However, keep in mind that the acetone life hack is not suitable for all types of fabrics. For example, delicate materials such as silk and wool, as well as clothes with a "dry clean only" label, should be professionally cleaned. In addition, clothes made of triacetate, acetate, or modacrylic should not be treated with nail polish remover, as acetone dissolves these synthetic fibers.

That is why, before you start cleaning with acetone, check the care label to determine the type of fabric. If the information on the label has been worn off, test the nail polish remover on an inconspicuous area, such as a seam, before use. Also, make sure that the liquid you choose does not contain dyes. Otherwise, it may stain the fabric itself. And finally, if you have painted nails, you should probably wear gloves, because the product can dissolve the coating and it will also become a source of contamination.

Before you start cleaning, make sure the glue stain has dried. If it is still fresh, you only risk pushing it deeper into the fabric. Usually, superglue dries in 15 to 20 minutes, but it may take longer.

If the substance takes longer to set, do not try to dry it with a hairdryer. This will have the opposite effect. High temperatures will cause the adhesive to penetrate deeper into the textile. However, you can immerse the stained area in a bowl of cool water and ice cubes - the cold will harden the substance.

Once you feel that the product has hardened and dried, use the blunt end of a knife, credit card, or spoon to scrape as much of the product off the fabric as possible. For small stains, this may be enough to completely remove the problem.

However, if cleaning is still necessary, then take a cotton pad and moisten it with acetone nail polish remover. Gently dab the stain on both sides of the garment. Move from the edges inward to avoid spreading the stain. After the glue softens, remove it with an old toothbrush. Don't force the stain out, but rather repeat the cleaning several times until the stain disappears. When there is no trace of it, wash the item as usual.

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