How to quickly tidy up your home in a few minutes: 5 cleaning secrets

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Chaos can be tamed if you organize your work correctly

Cleaning is a complex task that consists of many small subtasks. And this is what often scares us in this process. But the tricky thing is that the more we put off cleaning, the more these little tasks pile up and the harder it becomes to even get started.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of this fear of piling up tasks and speed up the process of getting your home in order. OBOZREVATEL tells you about five life hacks.

Eat the elephant in parts

Even the most neglected mess can be organized if you divide the cleaning into small and, more importantly, doable tasks. Tackle different nooks and crannies gradually. Today, tidy up your desk; tomorrow, your drawers; the day after that, the cabinet above the sink, and the day after that, your bookshelves. If you use up all your energy in one go, you won't feel the urge to tidy up again for a while. It's better to do it little by little, but regularly. Even 15-20 minutes a day for one non-current task, such as washing dishes or doing laundry, will help you to deal with the mess in the long run.


If one person is responsible for all the chores in the house, there is a risk that this person will break down sooner rather than later. Therefore, do not mock this person, involve other household members in cleaning, do not hesitate to invite professionals to help you for a very reasonable price, hire permanent household helpers. It's normal; you shouldn't be ashamed of it. You earn money to make your life easier.

Turn cleaning into child's play

The most challenging room to clean is always the children's room. Within 5 minutes after the cleaning team leaves, the room is likely to turn into a colorful chaos. That's why children should be taught to tidy up on their own from an early age. How? In the most natural way - in the form of a game. Gather things in a speed race and reward the winner, for example, with unplanned ice cream. Divide the family into teams and compete with each other. Tell stories about how tired the toys are during the day and want to sleep and where they should be put to get a better night's sleep. Be imaginative and form a habit in a fun and easy way. Your child will thank you later.

Use organizers

No matter how beautifully you arrange small things in a drawer, without the right storage system, they will quickly mix with each other again and create a mess. Therefore, get yourself organizers for literally everything - for jewelry and bulk food, for documents and household chemicals, for tools and medicines. They will look more pleasant when laid out in the appropriate boxes and labeled than when piled up in a heap in the closet. And it will be easier and faster to find the things you need.

Have fun in the process

The days when cleaning was considered an inevitable suffering and a deadly boring task are long gone. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself while doing household chores. Listen to music or an audiobook - it's very convenient to do this with wireless headphones, watch a movie, or turn on podcasts. You can even call your friends on the speakerphone. Anything that will cheer you up while working will do.

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