How to quickly get rid of fruit flies in the apartment: effective ways

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Fruit flies love everything sweet and fermented

Fruit flies, small insects that feed on plant debris and sweets, do not pose a particular danger to humans. However, they are very annoying. In particular, because they reproduce extremely quickly. If a pair of Drosophila flies into your kitchen, within a few days it will turn into hundreds and hundreds that will take over the entire space. Therefore, you need to fight them in time.

OBOZ.UA tells you about a few simple recipes on how to make a fruit fly trap with your own hands. It will contain only natural baits and will help you quickly catch insects.

What to use as the basis of the bait

Since Drosophila are very fond of fresh or fermented fruit juice, it is better to lure them with a liquid that resembles it. It should contain sugar in one form or another and not necessarily have a strong smell - the insects will find it anyway. So you can use apple cider vinegar, or you can pour beer, old wine, sweetened citric acid solution, or kombucha into the trap. To be sure, you can put a piece of some sweet fruit in it.

Option one - with cling film

Pour the liquid you have chosen to lure the flies into a glass, then wrap it in cling film and make several punctures in the film with a toothpick. The flies will fly to the smell and look for entrances to the glass, but they won't be able to get out.

Option two - with a paper cone

Take a bottle with a wide neck or a tall glass, partially fill it with bait, and insert a cone rolled from a piece of paper into the neck. The principle of operation will be the same as the previous trap, but the entrance to the trap is slightly wider.

Option three - with dishwashing liquid

You can also simply pour vinegar, beer, or kombucha into a small bowl and add a few drops of dishwater to the base. This will kill any insects that get inside.

Bonus - spray for fruit processing

If you want to keep a beautiful bowl of fruit on the table and don't want to share it with Drosophila, prepare a spray of alcohol and water and spray the fruit. Their smell will immediately become less attractive to insects.

How to prevent fruit flies

Since these insects feed on waste, don't forget to clean the kitchen on time and throw away spoiled food. Get rid of overripe fruits and store good ones in the refrigerator. Wash food as soon as you bring it home to remove any eggs and larvae. Take out the trash regularly. Also, clean up spills as soon as possible, especially fruit juice or alcohol.

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