How to prepare shoes for winter so they don't get slippery: life hacks

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How to prepare your shoes for winter

Winter is a time of beautiful landscapes, New Year's mood, and a period of frequent falls and injuries due to icy conditions. You need to prepare your shoes in advance to avoid this and maintain your health.

OBOZ.UA has found effective life hacks that will solve this problem. It is important to pay attention to the sole of the shoe when buying.

Winter boots should be warm, comfortable and have a tread on the sole to avoid slipping on frozen ground. Patterns on the sole are characteristic indentations that provide stability and "grip" on the ground.

If the tread on your shoes is weak and you still feel uncomfortable and afraid of falling, you can make cuts to add grooves. Carefully make small cuts so as not to ruin the boots.

For safety, you can also buy an anti-slip sticker for the sole. This is a comfortable slip protection, the sticker lasts a long time, and if you match it to the color of the boots, it will be invisible.

You can replace it with an adhesive tape, but it won't last long. Take two pieces for each boot and stick them parallel or crosswise on a dry, clean sole.

Sandpaper will also help with this problem, but only if you have a flat sole surface. In the area of the toe and heel, stick small pieces of paper with a grit of 3-4 mm. This is an effective method that lasts for 2-3 weeks.

If you are not afraid of dirt in your apartment, you can use sand. Apply glue to the sole and sprinkle with coarse sand. You will slip less, but there will be more debris in the corridor.

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