How to prepare roses for winter: six rules to avoid fatal mistakes

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Roses in the winter garden

To protect roses from winter cold, gardeners use a number of life hacks. The need to create "greenhouse" conditions for plants by covering them depends on several factors: the variety of roses, their cold tolerance, and specific weather conditions.

Even quite whimsical hybrid tea varieties can survive a mild winter without severe frosts without the need for a shelter. OBOZ.UA has collected the most effective tips for preparing roses for winter - simple rules will help you avoid fatal mistakes.

Pruning before shelter

Inexperienced gardeners often start pruning roses right before they arrange a shelter for them. In fact, this can only harm the shoots. Not all bushes need pruning. Only hybrid tea varieties and floribundas will tolerate late pruning.

The warmest shelter

Protection from the cold, oddly enough, does not depend on the material from which the shelter is made. At least, this is not the main nuance that you should pay attention to. It is important to ensure that there is an air gap between the bush and the shelter. Do not wrap roses too tightly with polyethylene or other means. The warmest shelter, experts say, is a sturdy frame with white spunbond.

Features of fertilization

It is traditionally believed that roses need a lot of potash fertilizer. It is not only potassium that should be fertilized - roses need many useful trace elements. Fertilizers with magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus will be effective.

Do you need to bend rose bushes

Another common mistake is bending the shoots when arranging shelters. The bushes should be bent gradually.

Hilling for the winter

Again, it all depends on the variety. Not all roses need hilling before winter frosts. You need to pay attention to the root system of the varieties.

Materials for shelter


Earlier, OBOZ.UA told how to protect roses from wind and cold in November.

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