How to polish a stainless steel sink: an elementary method

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Common flour will help you clean a steel sink perfectly

A steel sink is a great choice for the kitchen. In addition to its stylish look, it has a whole list of advantages, including high hygiene. Steel surfaces can be disinfected as much as you want - it won't harm them.

But over time, stainless steel can develop stains and deposits that need to be mechanically cleaned if you want your kitchen interior to look flawless. Powder products are not suitable, as they leave scratches on the steel surface. A product that can be found in every home will help to cope with the problem. OBOZ.UA tells you about an interesting life hack.

The ideal tool for mechanical cleaning of stainless steel is ordinary flour. It is soft enough not to damage the steel surface, but it is quite effective against typical sink dirt, such as lime stains from water. But you will have to clean it dry.

So start by wiping the sink surface thoroughly. There shouldn't be a single drop of water left on it. Otherwise, the liquid will interact with the flour and turn it into a sticky dough that will have to be washed separately.

When the sink is completely dry, pour two tablespoons of the product inside and take a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Use this tool to gently scrub the entire sink inside. This will remove all dirt and help restore the surface's shine. After cleaning, collect as much flour as possible and throw it in the trash, and gently rinse off the rest.

If you want to achieve a spectacular shine, you can finally treat the steel with vegetable oil. Dry the sink again, apply 2-3 drops of any oil to it, and use a microfiber to gently spread it over the entire surface. The sink will acquire a beautiful matte shine, which, however, will last only until the next time you wash dishes or food. However, it will look good if you want to show off the interior to your guests or plan to take photos in your kitchen.

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