How to make petunias bloom by fall: the secrets of hostesses

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Petunias like bright sun and regular care

Petunia is a universal flower, which perfectly decorates a window, summer terrace or garden bed. Moreover, it blooms all the warm season, and the color and color can be chosen according to any taste. But flower lovers are still arguing - whether petunia is demanding or easy to care for.

OBOZREVATEL learned more about the conditions of this plant. To make the petunia bloom lushly until the cold weather, you need to provide it with only four conditions.


Petunias are fairly drought-resistant flowers, but still bloom better with regular watering. Growing in the open ground, you need to moisten 1-2 times a week to a depth of 10-15 centimeters. If you grow the plant in pots or boxes, the frequency of watering should be more - once every 2-3 days. It is better to give the petunia less water, but water it regularly. Try not to get it on the flowers - they can rot from contact with water.


The most fastidious flower is precisely the amount of light it receives. Petunias need a lot of sun. Under direct rays they should be at least 5-6 hours a day. If the plant is constantly standing in the shade, it will not bloom well.

Soil quality

In general, petunias are not very demanding to the soil in which they grow, but regular fertilization will thank them with increased flowering and brighter color. Therefore, two weeks after planting the seedlings in the ground should be made nitrogen fertilizer in the soil so that the flower has built up green mass. When he releases the first buds, it's time to enrich the soil with potassium and phosphorus. This should be repeated every two weeks until the flowering season is over.

Pruning and care

Wilted flowers of any plant should be removed immediately. In particular for petunias, this allows new buds to be produced more intensively. You can also prune plants twice a season - at the beginning of summer and in the second half of August. This should be done with a sharp tool so that it causes as little damage to the twigs as possible.

It is also a good idea to periodically prune the main shoots. Then it will invest in the growth of the side shoots and will look more lush.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told you how to help wilted petunias to recover and bloom again.

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