How to make cleaning fast and fun: the "2 minutes" method

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How to make cleaning fast and fun. Source: Generated by AI

We all know how tedious and time-consuming the cleaning process can be. Mountains of dishes, dust on the furniture, scattered things - it can seem like an insurmountable task.

But there is one ingenious method that will help make cleaning fast, fun, and efficient. House Digest has told you how to use it correctly.

The two-minute rule was invented by productivity expert David Allen. His book, aptly titled Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, has been a lifesaver for many people who have sought to optimize their lives.

The two-minute method

If you can do a task in two minutes or less, then start immediately. Instead of putting off small things until tomorrow every day so that they turn into one big mess, force yourself to give them only two minutes, but right away.

If a task seems overwhelming, break it down into small two-minute items. Anything you can do in two minutes is definitely not too much effort. This trick helps to eliminate the mental block that prevents you from getting started.


To motivate yourself and create a sense of urgency, you can set a timer for 2 minutes before you start. This will help you focus.

It will also help you better understand how long it takes to complete a task. You'll probably do it even faster than you expected.

When you manage to finish a task in two minutes, you will definitely feel joy and a surge of energy that will help you move on.

How to apply the two-minute method to cleaning

Look around, explore your space, and determine what tasks that take less than two minutes you can do right now. It could be dusting the shelves, putting the dishes in the sink, or cleaning one room with a vacuum cleaner.

You can also divide large tasks into stages. Instead of taking on a large-scale task at once - washing all the dishes in the house, wash only all the cups first, then all the plates, cutlery, etc. This way, you will accomplish not just one task, but several, which will have a positive effect on your motivation.

Also, if you wash your plate right after you eat, i.e., do things frequently but quickly, you won't feel tired, exhausted, and demotivated because you live in a mess.

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