How to make cleaning at home easier: tips for the lazy

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The right approach to cleaning will make it much easier

Imagine waking up on a weekend morning. The weather is beautiful, the birds are singing, and it puts you in a great mood. And then the words "today you have to clean" pop up in your head in big letters. And that's it, the whole positive start to the day is ruined, and you start looking for ways to avoid this unpleasant task.

Housekeeping expert Lynsey Crombie says you shouldn't be discouraged by this thought. The British woman, who has been giving advice on easy cleaning for many years, says that home care can be made easier and more enjoyable, even if you are a very lazy person. Here are the recommendations she collected for Inews.co.uk.

Don't rinse dishes before putting them in the machine

Modern dishwashing tablets are strong enough to rinse away all the dirt on plates and cups. That's why Crombie recommends skipping the rinse before putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Unless there are really a lot of residues. Then just put all the items in a large bowl with detergent solution and rinse them quickly. And use as hot water as possible when washing. It will wash away dirt better and make the dishes more hygienic.


If you really need to iron your laundry, replace the iron with a steamer. This will reduce the time it takes to care for your clothes to a matter of minutes. A steamer is also great for freshening up clothes and can, in some cases, replace or at least postpone washing.

Cleaning the floor

Start sweeping or vacuuming in the far corner of the room and then gradually move toward the exit. This way, you'll get a better clean on the floor. And don't forget to empty the dirt container regularly. If it is clogged with dust, the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner will be greatly reduced. When cleaning the floor, use as little detergent as possible. This will still clean the surface well, but it won't leave streaks or make it slippery.

Wiping down kitchen surfaces

Choose a spray that is suitable for your countertops. For example, vinegar should not be used on natural stone. When cleaning the kitchen, apply the product and leave it on for 5 minutes. While it dissolves stains and dirt, wash some small dishes or wipe down the refrigerator door. After you wipe off the spray from the countertops, quickly polish them with a microfiber cloth - you will be very pleased with the result.


To avoid suffering from dark stains caused by hard water, use denture tablets. Crush a few of them, sprinkle the powder on the stains and leave it for a few hours. All that remains is to lightly rub the toilet bowl with a brush and the problem will disappear. Tablets can be replaced with citric acid. But bleach will not help you - it will simply mask the problem.

Shower and bathtub

A paste made from baking soda and a few drops of dishwashing detergent will help restore the whiteness of the plumbing. Use it for regular cleaning. If you want to keep the shower partition and bathroom mirrors from fogging up during use, rub them with shaving foam. And don't forget to use a rubber glass scraper whenever you're done with your hygiene routine. With a few simple strokes, you'll collect all the excess water, preventing limescale from settling and making your room look cleaner.

Wiping off dust

Dust control can be greatly facilitated by regular dry cleaning of the floor and timely disposal of trash. The vacuum cleaner will collect everything that has settled on the floor, and it will no longer rise into the air and settle on the surfaces, and the junk will not collect extra particles on itself. Also, don't worry too much about dusting products. A thick microfiber cloth and plain water will be enough to achieve the same results. Dust will start collecting again very quickly anyway, so you don't need to put in extra effort.

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