How to make another person fall in love with you: a relationship expert named three simple steps

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An effective compliment attracts much more attention than a banal one

It's not easy to recognize when you're in love, but there are several signs that indicate that you care about someone. It's even harder to make the object of your passion fall in love with you, because you can't command your heart, no matter how hard you try.

However, British relationship expert Jacob Lucas named three ways to give a compliment that will definitely make this task easier. He wrote about this on his TikTok account.

Do not compliment people on their appearance, especially beautiful people

Attractive women and men hear praise for their appearance all the time, so you won't surprise them with this. It's much better to praise them for their ambition, energy, personal traits, etc. Compliments of character are much more effective, because it is difficult to develop positive traits in oneself, and even more difficult to maintain them.

Give compliments unexpectedly

There is a place for pleasant words everywhere, even in the middle of an everyday conversation. A compliment that seems to come out of the blue in a normal conversation will stand out and attract more attention. For example, Lucas recommends the following option: stop during the conversation and say, "I like your outfit today." You will be noticed as a nice person.

Praise for effort

If you see something that someone has done that is clearly an effort and has done well, use it as an excuse to show attention. For example, praise a carefully chosen image or the result of hard work. We often take these things for granted, so such a compliment will help the person feel special.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a compliment can also be a sign of support. Psychologist Natalia Bankova has compiled a list of 50 such compliments.

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