How to make an orchid constantly throw out new flower stalks: when to prune

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How to care for an orchid

Fastidious orchids require special conditions. Caring for these plants is a real science. They do not tolerate high temperatures, die from drafts, and sometimes refuse to bloom at all despite all efforts and fertilizers.

Kira Kay, a florist at Bloom & Wild, emphasized that an orchid usually blooms for up to three months, but the flower stalks may reappear later. The Express told how to make the orchid constantly throw out new flower stalks.

Like all houseplants, orchids need nutrients, water, light, appropriate temperature, and an optimal level of humidity. The quality of flowering depends on the proper satisfaction of these needs.

To ensure the reappearance of flower stalks, it is vital to prune at the right time. "You need to prune when the flowers fade," Kay emphasized.

Cut green stems 2 cm above the first flowering node to ensure strength for the next season.

Brown stems should be cut to the base of the plant to stimulate the growth of new leaves and roots.

The orchid needs moderate watering - it is enough to moisten the substrate once a week. "Orchids, as tropical plants, do not need frequent watering," Kay explained.

"It is extremely important to use a pot with drainage holes and well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging.

Orchids need to get enough natural light, so it's best to place it on an east or west facing windowsill so it can get morning or evening sunlight.

Plants like stable conditions and constant temperatures, although they usually take well to regular irrigation.

You can periodically place the pot on a tray with pebbles filled with water to help increase the humidity level.

Periodic feeding will saturate the orchid with nutrients and stimulate growth, which is especially important during the growing season in spring and summer.

By following these basic tips for caring for a houseplant and doing timely pruning, you will get abundant flowering year after year.

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