How to make a chrysanthemum grow like a ball: a simple trick

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How to make a chrysanthemum grow like a ball

Bright chrysanthemums are a real decoration of the garden, they delight with their lush flowering throughout the fall. They are fastidious and capricious flowers that need regular moisture and soil fertilization. To give the plant a neat look, you can create a beautiful ball shape.

But this should be done carefully so as not to harm the chrysanthemum. OBOZ.UA has found effective tips that will help you easily cope with this.

There are different varieties of chrysanthemum, but it is a small-flowered bush that can be made into a compact and neat shape. June is a favorable time for this.

In the morning or evening, when the sun is not so active, carefully break off the top or cut it off with sharp secateurs. Before the procedure, be sure to disinfect it with special means so as not to transfer diseases from other plants.

After that, many side branches will appear on the chrysanthemum, and the bush will grow in breadth, creating a ball shape.

Also pay attention to the place where the chrysanthemum grows, the plant needs a lot of sunlight. If the bush is planted near a fence or in a shaded area, do not expect abundant flowering and active growth. You will not be able to achieve the desired shape without creating favorable conditions for development.

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