How to machine wash sneakers without damaging them: a simple trick

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How to wash sneakers in the washing machine

When buying new shoes, most people are careful to treat them with care to prevent stubborn stains. But over time, sneakers still get dirty and you need to find the right way to clean them and not spoil the material.

OBOZ.UA has published a simple trick that will help you safely wash your shoes in the machine. Follow the tips to keep your favorite sneakers looking good.

Prepare your shoes for washing. To do this, remove the laces and insoles. This will ensure deep and thorough cleaning of old dirt. It is better to wash the laces and insoles by hand, it will not take you much time and effort.

Washable bag. Use a special fabric bag to avoid annoying sounds from the sneakers hitting the drum of the washing machine. Such a versatile item will not only ensure silence in the apartment but also preserve the beautiful appearance of the shoes.

You can also replace the pillowcase with old towels. Put them in the drum with the sneakers and this will reduce the noise level during the wash.

Detergent. Choose a mild detergent, avoiding aggressive chemical solutions. This will preserve the rich color and condition of the fabric after washing. Also, use the appropriate mode - delicate or hand wash - as hot water can deform the material.

Drying. This is the final stage that can significantly affect the condition of the shoe. Avoid direct sunlight and the use of a hair dryer. Place the sneakers outdoors in the shade or in a well-ventilated room and fill them with newspaper to keep them in shape.

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