How to look 10 years younger with make-up: the main secrets are revealed. Video.

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English-speaking blogger shows how to look younger

English-speaking beauty content creator Natalie Bright shared her life hack on how to look 30 at the age of 40. The blogger rejected stereotypes about "natural" make-up and urged to arm yourself with cosmetics.

According to her, she looks her age without make-up. Almost 200,000 users have viewed the tutorial on TikTok (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

When asked by her subscribers how the blogger manages to look 10 years younger, she said that she uses a lot of cosmetics.


In particular, light concealer helps to hide skin imperfections and wrinkles. Natalie Bright applied it to problem areas near the nose, under the eyes and chin. In this way, she "highlighted" age-related skin imperfections.

The author of the video reminded us that after foundation and concealer, we should powder the T-zone - forehead, nose and chin - to prevent the face from shining.

To outline the contour and add sharpness to her features, Natalie used bronzer to darken the fallen areas. In particular, the cheekbones and the oval of the face.


Finally, the blogger advised not to be afraid to paint your lips brightly and richly. They are also a marker of age, so plump lips will help to visually remove 10 years from your face.


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