How to improve soil: the best organic remedies for gardeners

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How to improve the condition of the soil

Depleted soil in late summer requires special care. If there is an insufficient amount of useful microelements, the quality and quantity of the next year's harvest can be significantly reduced. It is important to follow crop rotation rules and regularly fertilize the garden with organic fertilizers.

Experienced gardeners determine the fertility rate by the amount of humus and other components. OBOZREVATEL has collected effective tips on how to improve soil quality.


Charcoal is characterized by water permeability. It is used for cleaning, loosening, improving soil quality, and even for antiseptic purposes. Experts recommend taking 1 kg of charcoal for 12 liters of water.


Peat contains a lot of nutrients. The substrate is used to accelerate the ripening of vegetables and saturate the soil with nutrients, and decayed remains of plant and animal origin.

Sphagnum moss

Sphagnum moss increases soil air permeability and promotes uniform moisture. It contains fiber, mineral salts, protein substances, and sphagnol, has a bactericidal and hygroscopic effect, and prevents root decay.

Coconut substrate

Coconut substrate is useful as a soil fertilizer because it contains calcium and potassium. It increases air permeability and absorbs excess moisture.


Sapropel is a deposit of decayed residues of plant and animal origin. It is recommended to use it to stimulate growth and saturate the beds with organic matter.

By the way, gardeners have long used sowing calendars to determine the best time for planting and harvesting. Why you shouldn't fertilize during the new moon and when it's better not to dig up the crops from the garden - read the article.

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