How to humidify the air in the house: life-saving hacks that will not cost a fortune

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Indoor plants humidify the air as good as special gadgets

During the heating season, the air in our homes becomes dry. This is a side effect of the appliances that provide us with heat. Excessive dryness affects skin and hair, and the respiratory tract becomes more vulnerable to infections. That's why it's important to make sure that more moisture gets into the room's atmosphere in winter.

A humidifier can solve the problem, but it is a rather expensive device that also requirespurified water that does not clog it with limescale: it will break down very quickly if you do not use it. OBOZ.UA has collected several life hacks that will help moisturize the air in the house without any extra costs at all.

Wet textiles

Wet textiles are a good source of air humidification in winter. This can be a large terry towel soaked in water and hung in the room or just washed clothes. Try to dry all your clothes indoors in winter so that the moisture from them will be in the room. You can also place a wet cloth on the radiator and change it regularly as it dries.

Wet cleaning

Mopping the floor and wiping surfaces has a double effect. Firstly, it makes your home really clean, and secondly, after drying, water vapor is released into the air and makes the atmosphere more comfortable. Do wet cleaning at home as often as you can.


If the winter is not too cold, the outdoor air has a high percentage of humidity. Ventilate the room several times a day to let it in. Open the windows at least twice a day for 5 minutes: in the morning and in the evening. You will feel the effect very quickly.

Steam from shower and kitchen

After taking a shower or bath, do not leave the extractor fan on but rather open the bathroom door wide. This way, the water vapor will escape and moisten the air in the adjacent rooms. Similarly, cooking at home will bring a double benefit. Not only will you get high-quality and nutritious meals, but you will also saturate the air in your home with moisture during cooking or stewing.

Water containers

Regular water containers are a constant source of evaporation. It is best to place them in the warmest locations, i.e. near heating appliances. Place at least one bowl, jar, bottle, vase, or any other container filled with water in each room and periodically add water as it evaporates.


Taking care of indoor plants also helps to humidify the atmosphere in the rooms because the moisture from the ground and leaves (if the plants need to be sprayed) evaporates and remains in the air. In addition, the flowers themselves emit not only oxygen but also a little water vapor when they breathe. Chlorophytums, spathiphyllums, various types of dracaena and ferns, and ficuses will be most effective here. It is important not to skip watering the flowers because in winter, when the heaters are working, their need for this increases significantly.

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