How to grow hydrangeas at home: instructions for apartment or house

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Indoor hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are rather unpretentious flowers that are usually associated with summer. These flowers are a real decoration of flower beds, so it is not surprising that they are often considered outdoor plants.

In fact, hydrangeas can be easily grown at home. They will add brightness and coziness to the interior. Read the OBOZ.UA article on how to care for hydrangeas so that they bloom for a long time in the room.

The variety of hydrangeas

The macrophylla hydrangea is best suited for home cultivation. This variety has large bright flowers. You can choose the color to your liking: from white to pink or dark blue.

Optimal lighting conditions

Hydrangeas like bright light, so it is better to place them on sunny windowsills. Plants can grow in the shade for some time, but this can lead to a lack of flowering.

How to grow hydrangeas at home: instructions for apartment or house

Watering for hydrangeas

Hydrangeas need regular but not excessive watering. The substrate should be moderately moist, but not wet. Frequent watering will lead to waterlogging of the soil, rotting of the root system, and fungal diseases. Make sure that the container has sufficient drainage holes.

Features of the substrate

Hydrangeas will bloom for a long time if planted in well-drained soil. It is also worth determining the level of acidity - slightly acidic conditions are suitable for hydrangeas. You can purchase a ready-made substrate for these flowers or prepare it yourself.

You need to take

  • peat;
  • compost;
  • sand.

Mix the three components in equal proportions and plant the plant in them.

Feeding is required at the stage of active growth and flowering. You can choose a special store-bought fertilizer that contains all the nutrients the plant needs.

Do I need to prune hydrangeas?

These flowers do not require heavy pruning, but you can remove dry leaves, buds, and shoots immediately after flowering.

Indoor hydrangeas can then be transplanted outdoors. This should be done when the temperature is warm and above freezing. Hydrangeas will bloom best in a sunny area without drafts.

Life hacks to prolong flowering

To make hydrangeas bloom longer, you should follow a few tips:

  • do not allow the substrate to be too wet – adjust the watering regime;
  • high temperatures will negatively affect flowering;
  • the main sign that the hydrangeas are too hot in the room is brown leaf edges;
  • sometimes you can moisten hydrangeas from a spray bottle – the water should be infused at room temperature.
  • if the flower heads start to turn brown, you can cut them off.

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