How to get transferred to a first class on an airplane: tricks many people didn't know about

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Have you ever bought a ticket for economy class, but at the very last moment a flight attendant transferred you to business class and you got to your destination in high comfort, sipping a glass of champagne? The positive difference is very noticeable, especially on long flights. And by the way, you don't always have to overpay for them.

OBOZREVATEL wants to share low-cost or free ways to feel like a millionaire and get a seat in the business class of the aircraft. We've gathered the most effective ones.

Usually, passengers traveling in economy class will be transferred to business class if there are unsold seats or seats that were vacated at the last moment because the person was late for the flight. Also if more economy class tickets were sold for the flight than there are seats in the corresponding cabin. Another reason is a disorderly passenger or a constantly crying baby next to you. Most often, stewards meet the requests and transfer customers, sometimes in a higher comfort class.


How do I transfer to a higher class without paying extra?

1. Choose the right time and day of departure

If you don't book your trip well in advance (2-3 months beforehand) you may notice, for example, that Thursday flights are cheaper than Sunday flights. If you do not care what time you fly, consider night flights or Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday morning flights. The "hottest" days at the airports are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On these three days, one-third of all people traveling anywhere in the week go on the road. On less popular days you have a better chance of getting a golden ticket.

2 Overbooking

Overbooking is the resale of tickets. Airlines sell more seats for almost every flight than the aircraft can hold. Not all passengers come to the flight, some refuse to fly, so this system was introduced. There is another common situation where a one-way ticket is much more expensive than a round-trip ticket. So the passenger uses only one flight segment and does not show up for the second one. If there are more tickets sold than seats available on the plane, airline employees move customers to later flights. It happens that a person buys a ticket in economy class, and then goes to business on the next flight.


3. Tell the flight attendant about the inconvenience

Got a drunk neighbor who wants to tell you his whole life story? The screen doesn't turn on or the seat doesn't recline? That's a great reason to call the stewards for help. If they can not resolve the issue in a matter of minutes, they then move you to another, more comfortable seat. If the plane is full, you will go to business class.

4. Being first or last

There is a good chance that the last person who checked in will get a business class seat as a bonus. Usually the seats on the plane are allocated in a certain way so that the occupancy is about the same in the tail, center and nose sections.


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