How to get rid of junk in the apartment before the holidays: cleaning tips

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A clear plan and no rush will help turn cleaning into a pleasure

We associate New Year's Eve cleaning with getting rid of junk and renewing our living space. People who believe in esotericism believe that this way you can make room for fresh energy and something good. Skeptics just tend to think that it's a good tradition that allows you to start the year with a sense of lightness.

But how to do New Year's cleaning so that you don't spend all your energy on it. OBOZ.UA tells you about a few life hacks.

Make a list

Before you get started, analyze what exactly you need to do and what tools and means you need for this and make two lists. First, prepare everything you need on the first list, and then start performing tasks on the second list, gradually crossing them off. This way, you will clearly see the progress and the number of things that are still left to do until you get the desired result.

Turn cleaning into fun

If listening to music or watching an interesting video lecture helps you clean, don't deny yourself this pleasure. It will make it easier and faster for you to do the job. Your attention will be focused on what you're hearing, not on thoughts of how much you dislike cleaning. You can also turn cleaning into a family quest. You can distribute all the tasks among family members by indicating this in the list, and give out some pleasant gifts, such as sweets, for quick and high-quality work.

Take breaks

You don't have to turn cleaning into a marathon. Let it be a relay race. After finishing a stage, take a short break and do something pleasant for yourself: drink tea, watch an episode of a TV series, buy something for the holiday table, decorate the cleaned space. Your task is not to ruin your holiday mood, but to create and maintain it.

Combine tasks

If you can accomplish two tasks at the same time, do so. For example, apply cleaning agent to the bathtub and toilet and dust the living room while it's working. Put in the laundry and load the dishwasher and mop the floor while they're running. When the robot vacuum cleaner is running, put the scattered items back in their places.

Divide things into categories

If you really have a lot of junk, don't sort it all out at once, but divide it into categories. For example, on one day, collect and throw away all the damaged dishes, on another day, do your clothes, put aside the ones you need to give away or sell, and hang up the ones you'll keep wearing nicely. Spend a separate day on shoes. Another day for organizing papers or cleaning out the pantry. And so on.

Buy beautiful storage containers

To prevent your home from turning into chaos in a matter of hours, organize the right storage system. To do this, determine which containers or baskets you need and buy them. Don't use old cardboard boxes for this purpose, they will harm the feeling of coziness and quickly fail. Give preference to beautiful containers and organizers, of which there is now a huge selection for reasonable money.

Take your time

If you don't have time to do everything for the holiday, don't give up. Praise yourself for the work you've done and enjoy the results during the holiday party. And then continue to gradually clean up and maintain your home in the new year. If you do not try to do everything in one go but focus on comfortable and feasible steps, you will gradually get closer to your goal.

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