How to get rid of fruit flies at home: plants that drive away annoying insects

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Thyme and mint not only decorate your windowsill, but also help fight insects in the house

Fruit flies can be a very annoying problem if they get into your home. They reproduce extremely quickly and a pair instantly turns into a swarm that is not easy to get rid of. Therefore, the best way to deal with them is to prevent their appearance.

As OBOZ.UA has found out, some plants can help with this, which are worth planting in your kitchen. Their aroma will drive away small insects. Here is a list of such plants.


The aromatic substance linalool in lavender brings a lot of pleasure to people and repels Drosophila. At the same time, lavender can be grown quite easily in a pot on a windowsill. A south-facing window is best for it, but you can simply provide it with enough light and the plant will feel good.


Similar to lavender, peppermint has a distinct, pleasant aroma that repels flies and does well in a pot. It is best to plant one stem of the plant in one container and keep it away from other indoor flowers so that it does not sow next to them - mint has the ability to displace other species. In this case, the leaves of the aromatic herb can be used in the preparation of dishes and drinks.


It is an evergreen tree known for its strong, fresh aroma. It's not easy to grow at home, but if you have the right skills, you can try to start a small tree on your windowsill. However, cut branches placed in a vase will also work. Since the bouquet does not require special care, you can place it where you see the most flies.


There are more than fifty species of lemongrass, and fruit flies cannot tolerate the smell of any of them. The oil of this plant is a popular ingredient in many natural pest sprays. You can even grow this aromatic herb from seeds or simply plant a stem purchased at the grocery store.


This is one of the most popular plants to grow in a home herb garden. It looks spectacular and its fresh leaves can be used in cooking. The warm, earthy scent of basil is enough to repel a variety of insects, including fruit flies. But provide it with enough light, because it is a summer herb that needs a lot of it.


Another popular aromatic herb for controlling Drosophila is rosemary. It also needs high light, but is otherwise quite low maintenance. Simply buy a live stem from the supermarket, transplant it into a pot, and remember to water it from time to time. Young branches are also useful for cooking or as an addition to tea.


Every cat's favorite herb is another effective fruit fly repellent. Like any other mint, it has a specific pleasant aroma that insects cannot tolerate. Catnip grows quickly in a compact container, and even faster on a windowsill in direct sunlight.


Even beginners can take care of garden sage. The insect repellent chemical found in sage is called borneol. Grow this aromatic herb on a windowsill where direct sunlight falls most of the day. And provide it with good drainage. These are all the basic conditions that sage needs.


Just like sage, thyme contains borneol. The small-leaved herb grows best on a windowsill in direct sunlight. It doesn't need much moisture - just make sure the potting soil is completely dry between waterings to avoid root rot and similar problems.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you which indoor plants feel best in a winter apartment, purify the air and are easy to care for.

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