How to get rid of flies and ants at home: two household products will help

Flies and ants carry bacteria and germs

Flies and ants not only cause discomfort by their presence in the house but are also dangerous to our health. Pests carry bacteria and germs that can lead to diseases.

If you do not want to use chemical means in the house, you can get rid of insects with natural and available products. OBOZREVATEL found effective tips that will help.

Insects are more active in the summer, as they can often be seen in your home in search of water and food. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you will need only two ingredients, whichare apple cider vinegar and talcum powder.

The vinegar will help to deter flies. Pour it into a small bowl and place it on the windowsill. You can also spray vinegar near windows, doors and on the balcony. This scent will scare away pesky flies and keep them out of your home.

If you don't like the smell of vinegar, you can add a couple of drops of any essential oil to the solution.

Also, don't forget to throw out the garbage regularly so there is no temptation for pests.

To stop ants, use talcum powder (a mineral crystalline substance in the form of white powder) or chalk at the entrance. With powder ingesting, they can not breathe and die.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published simple ways how to get rid of ants in the vegetable garden without chemicals.

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