How to get rid of dust at home: five effective ways

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Dust-Free Lifecycles

Dust in the house is very difficult to get rid of, even with daily wet cleaning. But there are some tips that can help reduce the amount of dust in the house.

Dust comes from many factors - it's dead hair particles, pet hair, fragments of various fibers, paper and fabrics. OBOZREVATEL selected the five most effective tips that will help to get rid of dust.

Clean the air with a humidifier

Experts advise buying a humidifier. In addition to increasing the level of humidity, it can perform a cleaning function. This will prevent the rapid emergence of dust.

How often should you do wet cleaning

It makes sense that the more often you do wet cleaning, the less dust will be in the room. So if possible, clean your home regularly. Use two dusting cloths - a dry one and a wet one.

How houseplants will help

House plants will purify the air. But you should not forget about proper care. Plants can only act as an air filter if they are free of dust and dirt. So sprinkle plants regularly with water and avoid the accumulation of dust on the leaves.


Cleaning Techniques

Do not rub dust from surfaces in a circular motion or sideways. Wipe dust from top to bottom. Also clean high surfaces such as cabinets, refrigerators, air conditioners first and then gradually move to lower surfaces.

Water filters on a vacuum cleaner

If you can, buy a quality vacuum cleaner that not only gets rid of dust, but also has a water filter. Such vacuums clean surfaces better and fill the house with freshness.

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