How to get rid of cockroaches at home without poisonous chemicals: a simple method

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Cockroaches die from contact with talcum powder

When you notice cockroaches in your home, there are at least two reasons to be upset. The first is that the insect pests have chosen your home in the first place. They spread dirt and can cause allergic attacks in some people. The second is that you will have to get rid of them with toxic chemicals. This is also unlikely to have a good effect on the health of the household.

However, experts say that a simple cosmetic product that is safe for the rest of the household can help solve the problem. According to House Digest, it is a common baby powder. Or, more precisely, talcum powder, which is its main component.

The fact is that hydrated magnesium silicate (which is what talcum powder is called in terms of chemistry) is extremely toxic to cockroaches. Once it gets into the insect's digestive system, it damages it so badly that the creature dies. In addition, if the cockroach inhales the fine powder, it eventually clogs its airways, which can lead to death from hypoxia.

To take advantage of the power of talcum powder, you need to sprinkle it in all places where cockroaches can run. For example, in dark corners, crevices, or along baseboards. This ensures maximum contact of the powder with cockroaches. You can also sprinkle the powder on live insects that come into your view.

Apply the powder in the evening when cockroaches are most active. However, be careful, especially if you have pets or small children, and keep the powder out of their reach. They can also be inhaled by the fine powder and have some difficulty breathing. Before treating your home, be sure to wear a face mask to avoid accidentally inhaling talcum powder and wear glasses to protect your eyes.

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