How to get rid of clutter quickly: why the 10-10-10 method is called ideal

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Even real chaos can be overcome with the help of the 10-10-10 method

Dealing with clutter at home is a never-ending process that can be very tiring. Especially if you've missed a couple of cleanings and your home has turned into a complete mess in the meantime. That is why we are so often looking for life hacks that would help us cope with cleaning.

OBOZ.UA learned about a decluttering technique called 10-10-10. And tells you about its essence. People who have already tried it on themselves say that it can completely change the approach to cleaning and make it much easier and even more fun.

What is the 10-10-10 method?

In a nutshell, this method suggests that you spend 10 minutes getting rid of 10 things in 10 places. These 10 places don't have to be in different rooms. It can be a desk, a closet, and a window sill in the same room. Even each of your bags can count as a separate place.

To make it even easier to try this method, start by making a list of the places you want to tackle. Count each cluttered shelf, each nook and cranny as a separate place that needs special attention. This will help you use your 10 minutes there more efficiently.

For example, start with your bedroom wardrobe and put 10 summer clothes away for storage. Then move on to the bathroom cabinet, where there is a whole bunch of empty jars and bottles. And then, for example, go to the cereal cupboard in the kitchen. And so on.

How to clean using the 10-10-10 method?

Your best assistant in this matter will be the timer on your phone. Set it for 10 minutes and stop immediately after the signal. Didn't make it? You'll make it next time. Did you do it earlier? Great - move on to the next place ahead of schedule.

Turn on some pleasant music to set the mood. Light a scented candle. If the weather permits, open a window and listen to birds singing. Any little thing that will help you get in the right mood for cleaning will do.

Also, before starting the process, prepare a garbage bag and a laundry basket to carry with you. Put in them what you need to take out of the house and things that need to be washed. Once you've taken out everything you need for today's round of cleaning, put them in their places and sort them into those that can be given a second life by donating or giving them to charity and those that have already served their purpose.

When does the 10-10-10 method work?

In fact, in a house where you clean regularly, you won't need to use this approach all the time. You won't have 10 things to put back or eliminate every time. But if you have a real chaos in your house for one reason or another, then the technique will work perfectly.

It can be used in several rounds. This way, you will gradually clear out everything that has accumulated in your home without getting tired halfway through.

However, if you like the approach, you can turn it into a 5-5-5 or even a 3-3-3 methodology and clean up in shorter periods of time. A creative approach to cleaning is also welcome.

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