How to get a triple pepper harvest: an ingenious life hack

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How to increase the pepper harvest

Pepper is a tasty and healthy vegetable that will be a great addition to salads, hot dishes, and canning. This is a fairly unpretentious crop, but to get a generous harvest, in addition to proper care, you need proper and timely fertilization.

Experts told us about an interesting life hack that will help increase fertility. How to get a triple harvest of pepper - read the article on OBOZ.UA.

How to grow pepper

Peppers grow best in neutral soils enriched with organic fertilizers. Among other things, they make the soil more permeable to air and water, which is very important for this crop.

But experienced gardeners say that mineral fertilizers are also essential. Sweet peppers need to be fertilized with minerals 2 to 4 times per season, depending on the soil condition and plant variety.

How to get a triple pepper harvest: an ingenious life hack

An effective life hack

The chances of getting a high-quality crop increase many times over thanks to proper fertilization and a well-established watering regime.

A simple trick is to take care of the plant regularly in the evening. Experts say that long daylight hours do not work well for some garden crops, including peppers.

Sweet varieties are suitable for 10-hour daylight hours - under such conditions, there are no problems with ovary formation.

However, summer daylight hours exceed this figure, so peppers need to be protected from excessive light every evening. Therefore, from the end of May until the first weeks of July, it is better to cover the bed where the pepper grows with dark agrofibre every evening. The material should not fit too tightly - without air circulation, the seedlings will quickly die.

It is advised to cover the pepper at about seven in the evening, and remove the agrofiber at seven in the morning.

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