How to extend your life by years: scientists have named a foolproof way

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Strength training helps rejuvenate the body and mind at any age

Time is relentless, and after reaching the age of 30, each of us starts to feel the effects of aging, and our bodies begin to change. It's impossible to halt this process, but you can slow it down, and the method is quite simple and accessible to everyone.

According to Chronicle Live, British physician and TV presenter Michael Mosley discussed this in his podcast "Just One Thing," in an episode dedicated to prolonging youth. He suggests that strength training is the answer.

The need for such training arises because, after the age of 30, muscle mass begins to decrease. Maintaining it can rejuvenate the body at the cellular level and even boost brain function.

Dr. Mosley referred to studies showing that weight training can increase muscle mass by 10 percent and strength by 150 percent in just 12 weeks. "A review of dozens of studies on the effects of exercise on people over 50 found that both aerobic and weight training are good for the brain, but studies have shown that weight training is particularly good for memory and executive function, which improves things like problem-solving," the presenter said.

He also mentioned that strength training has another positive effect: it improves sleep. Recent research on the effects of physical activity showed that those who exercise sleep better and longer, with an additional 20 minutes of sleep each night. And, of course, such training helps with weight loss.

One study Dr. Mosley discussed was conducted at Harvard and involved over 10,000 men over 12 years. The study showed that strength training is more effective at burning abdominal fat than cardio exercises. This is significant because abdominal fat can passively produce chemicals that have adverse effects on blood sugar levels.

"Muscle cells, on the other hand, have a positive effect when you exercise; they absorb blood sugar like a sponge. In fact, one study showed that every 10 percent increase in your skeletal muscle reduces the risk of developing prediabetes by 10 percent," the doctor added.

In addition to improving one's appearance, building muscle mass can make you feel younger and even add years to your life. For example, a recent analysis Dr. Mosley described showed that 30 to 60 minutes of strength training per week reduces the risk of death from heart disease and cancer by up to 20 percent.

Abigail McKay, a muscle health researcher at the University of Copenhagen, explained what happens to muscles as we age. She said that muscle fiber loss occurs with age. Over time, these muscle fibers begin to lose their connection with nerves. When this connection weakens due to inactivity, the muscles will weaken and eventually die.

However, McKay emphasized that it's never too late to start weight training. "It doesn't matter how old you are; you'll benefit. What's also coming out now is that if you're active throughout your life, you can slow down some of these negative changes that happen as you age or even prevent them completely," she said.

Dr. Mosley advised those who have never exercised and want to start now to consult their doctor first. Depending on their health conditions, it might be necessary to start slowly, avoid certain exercises, and gradually increase intensity.

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