How to drive moles away from the garden: a method without chemicals

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The smell of some plants and flowers will deter moles

Moles are stubborn and troublesome rodents that pose a challenge to dislodge from a vegetable garden. Once they have established themselves in the beds, these pests can regularly ravage crops and spoil the harvest.

Moles can be deterred without the use of chemicals. Planting specific plants in the garden can act as a natural repellent against these pests. Here are some recommendations provided by Sante Plus.

Onions as a mole deterrent

Planting ordinary onions in the garden, especially in areas frequently targeted by moles, is a recommended strategy. Moles are known to dislike the smell of onions. Simply sowing onions around your beds can act as a protective measure against mole raids.

Utilizing hyacinths

Hyacinths, in addition to being beautiful spring flowers that enhance your flower bed's aesthetics, can also help drive away moles. The potent fragrance of hyacinths has an immediate effect in discouraging these harmful rodents from staying in the garden.

How to drive moles away from the garden: a method without chemicals

Daffodil in the bed

Moles are also repelled by the scent of daffodils. Experts recommend planting daffodils in a somewhat random arrangement in flower beds or gardens. This method can discourage moles and help preserve the harvest.

What is the imperial hazel grouse and why are moles afraid of it

The imperial hazel grouse (Fritillaria imperialis), a lesser-known plant, not only adds beauty to your garden but also serves as a signal for moles to flee. Similar to onions, this flower emits a potent fragrance that disturbs the pests' sense of smell. Moreover, it proves effective in repelling various rodents, including field mice. Planting imperial hazel grouse around beds and in areas where moles have already created tunnels is recommended. However, due to its strong odor, it is not advisable to plant imperial hazel grouse around terraces or balconies.

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