How to distinguish original perfume from fake: simple tips

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How to distinguish original perfumes

Perfume is a great gift option for a dear person, but unfortunately, you can often come across a fake nowadays. Therefore, it is important to know how to distinguish the original from a low-quality replica.

OBOZ.UA will help you with this. Follow the tips below to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation.


Original fragrances are never wrapped in cellophane with glue, it is done by heating so that the surface is perfectly flat. There should be a rectangular or round stamp in the form of a sticker on the top or bottom of the box.


Pay attention to the barcode: it must match the code of the country where the product was made. For example, original French perfumes are never bottled in China or any other country.

The first digits of the barcodes of the countries of origin:

  • France - 30-37;
  • Italy - 80-83;
  • Great Britain - 50;
  • Germany - 400-440;
  • Spain - 84;
  • USA and Canada - 00-09.

Batch number

At the bottom of a genuine bottle, there is always a thin transparent sticker that says, for example, "Eau de Toilette, 30 ml" and indicates the serial number of the batch. It can consist of several numbers or numbers and letters, it all depends on the brand. This number should also be on the box.


In the box of original products, there is always a piece of cardboard or plastic to keep the bottle in place. If you pick up the box and feel the bottle "hanging" inside, then be sure that it is a fake.


The country where the perfume was made is always written in small print on the cardboard box. For example, "Made in France" or "Made in Italy". If this is not the case or it says "Paris-London-New-York", then it is a fake.


A price that is too low should immediately raise doubts about the quality of the product. Perfumes cannot cost two or three times cheaper than the real price because the fragrance itself has a high cost price.

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