How to decorate windows for Christmas and New Year: fascinating ideas

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A beautifully decorated window can replace a Christmas tree at home

How do you decorate a room for Christmas if you have very little space and nowhere to put a Christmas tree? Design and decor experts say that you can always save the situation by decorating the window properly. Such a decor will not take up an inch of living space and will create a wonderful festive atmosphere in the room. It is noteworthy that this technique works not only for the home. It is also visible from the street, which will definitely please those who walk past your house.

OBOZ.UA asked for the main tips on how to decorate a window for the Christmas holidays. Here is what professional decorators suggest doing.

Choose light garlands

The easiest way to create a festive atmosphere is to decorate a window with light garlands. It can be a series of lights - both monochromatic and colored, both static and flickering - or fashionable curtain garlands that create a planar curtain of small light bulbs. The latter are also often available with decor in the form of stars, balls, etc. It's a quick and easy way to create a sense of magic in your home and to make it feel warm and cozy.

Another way to decorate a window with a garland is to use glass vases and bowls of different sizes if you fill them with miniature battery-powered light bulbs. This decor looks unusual and very romantic. You can also decorate flowerpots on window sills with lights: they also deserve a holiday.

Create an atmosphere with candles

Live fire is always about coziness, celebration, and a sense of hope for the best. To decorate your window with candles quickly and easily, buy a ready-made Christmas set. It will most likely contain carefully selected items in white, red, silver, or gold, sometimes with some kind of decor: foil stars or painted fir branches.

If you are confident in your decorating skills, then assemble an arrangement of scattered candles and candlesticks and decorate it with tinsel and balls. And even a house with children and pets can be decorated with candles if you buy LED lamps of the appropriate shape. By the way, they can also be scented, just like regular candles. Or you can complement the composition with a scented lamp in the form of a Christmas house, where you can add a few drops of coniferous essential oil. A candle will also burn inside such a lamp.

Make a festive wreath

A universal Christmas decoration is a wreath of pine branches decorated with ribbons, balls, tangerines, etc. A small decoration placed on a window frame will not take a lot of light but will give the room a festive atmosphere. Sign up for a master class and create a similar decor with your own hands.

More advanced craftsmen can create not a wreath but a whole garland of live or artificial pine needles that can be used to decorate the perimeter of the window. To do this, you will need spruce or fir branches, some eucalyptus, floral wire, and candles. You can find free tutorials on YouTube.

Put the tree on the windowsill

If for some reason you can't place the Christmas tree on the floor in the room, you can always place a miniature Christmas tree on the windowsill. It can be a small artificial tree or a composition made of natural twigs. Decorate it in the same way as a large Christmas tree, just use smaller decorations. It is also quite possible to place gifts under it. In addition, a light garland on the window frame behind the tree will make the whole arrangement look even more magical.

Use flowers and leaves

Arrangements made from dried plants can also look very festive, especially if you decorate them with red berries and artificial snow. Gather such a bouquet in a vase and add cut poinsettia flowers, pine branches, moss and cones. For texture and height, add garlands, LED candles, or traditional Christmas tree ornaments. A very unusual but quite atmospheric decor is ready.

Christmas stickers

Paper snowflakes, which we all know from childhood, can be great Christmas decor, especially if you decorate them with glitter, tinsel or small Christmas balls. You can also cut out other shapes like snowmen, Christmas trees, even St. Nicholas' sleigh with reindeer or a whole nativity scene. It all depends on your skills. You can also buy ready-made festive stickers or artificial snow, which is also applied to the windows.

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