How to clean white sneakers: life-saving methods

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Leather and textile sneakers can be cleaned using the same methods

White sneakers are shoes that will never go out of style and suit the vast majority of outfits. But they have one key drawback: they get dirty very quickly. Even the smallest stain is very visible on white shoes.

Luckily, there are some quick and easy ways to restore the original look to light-colored sneakers. OBOZREVATEL tells you how to do it. All you need is an old toothbrush and a few products that can be easily found, if not at home, then in any store.


Start by removing the laces. If you have shoe pads, insert them inside. If not, just fill each shoe with crumpled newspaper or put an old T-shirt inside, especially if you are cleaning a textile pair. Place a towel or cloth under the sneakers to protect the surface and start the cleaning process by using a brush to remove all dried dirt and residue.

Cleaning textile sneakers

There are special products for the care of textile athletic shoes. But you can also use a soap solution based on laundry detergent or mild soap.

To prepare this solution, mix one tablespoon of soap and warm water in a medium-sized bowl. Take a cloth, dampen it well with water and wring it out, and run it over the surface of the shoe, making sure to avoid the tongue and lace eyelets.

Next, soak the brush in soapy water and thoroughly clean the entire surface of the shoe. Dip the brush back into the solution as needed. Pay special attention to nooks and crannies, seams, and any crevices.

Finally, rinse the sneakers under running water to remove any residual soap. If they are not cleaned to the desired condition, use the brush and soap solution again. The main thing is to finish cleaning with a thorough rinse, as poorly rinsed soap can leave yellow streaks. That's it; the shoes can be sent to dry in the open air.

Cleaning leather sneakers

If your pair is made of genuine or artificial leather, you can simply wipe it well with a cloth dipped in the soap solution from the previous paragraph. If the sneakers are very dirty, you can also brush them. But, if necessary, you can clean them with toothpaste.

Just take any toothpaste and apply a small amount of it to a brush, and then go over the sneaker with this brush. The paste will remove even the most stubborn stains because it contains a fine abrasive. Then you just need to rinse and dry your shoes well.

Cleaning the soles

Regardless of what material the upper of the pair is made of, almost all sneakers have the same rubber sole. Rubber can be cleaned with shoe polish or toothpaste. In both cases, using a toothbrush with fairly stiff bristles is the most effective method. First, wipe the sole with a damp cloth and then brush vigorously with the chosen product. However, if the soles of your shoes have particularly stubborn stains, you may want to clean them further with a melamine sponge.

How to clean shoelaces

Remember how you pulled the laces out of your sneakers at the beginning? They need to be washed, too. You will need a soapy solution similar to the one you used to clean the sneakers themselves. You can, for example, use leftovers. Just put the laces in a bowl of soap for half an hour. When they are soaked, go over them with a toothbrush or shoe brush until they are clean. Then rinse them thoroughly under running water and lay them out on a horizontal surface to dry.


Leather sneakers also need to be treated with shoe polish or wax after washing. It will moisturize the material and protect it from cracking. To do this, use a colorless shoe cream. Take a generous portion of the product on a napkin and wipe the leather surface of the shoe until it is completely covered. When the leather darkens slightly and starts to shine, you have applied enough cream. Leave the pair in this state overnight. In the morning, polish it with a clean brush or cloth. When the darkening and shine disappear, the cleaning can be considered complete.

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