How to clean up quickly before guests arrive: the express way

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How to quickly clean up before guests arrive

The only thing that can spoil the joy of the holiday is the need to clean. Christmas is a time of family gatherings and gifts, so if your home is a mess after Christmas Eve and you have too little time left before your guests arrive, don't panic.

There is an express method that will allow you to put the whole house in order in just half an hour. OBOZ.UA publishes effective tips.

Tip 1

Prepare everything you need in advance so that you don't have to run around the apartment looking for a rag or detergent. It is better to have all the tools in one place. Start by cleaning up the trash: take a bag and go through the rooms.

Tip 2

You should start cleaning from the front door, because when guests enter the house, the hallway is the first thing they will see. Put your shoes neatly on the shelves, and put away extra clothes in the closet. It would be nice to leave slippers for guests. Free up as much space as possible on the floor and remove all the trash.

Tip 3

Wipe all surfaces, door handles, and light switches with damp cloths. If the mirror in the living room is dirty, you should quickly wipe it down as well. You can use store-bought products or prepare homemade solutions using baking soda, vinegar, or citric acid. There is also a little-known but effective mirror cleaner. Read the article to find out how ordinary milk can help.

Tip 4

You can throw a beautiful bright blanket on the sofa and, if possible, add pillows to it. If you have children, it is better to put toys in a large box. Dirty clothes should be put in a basket, and all books, notebooks, notebooks, cups, dishes should be put in their places.

Tip 5

The bathroom should also be tidied up. Guests will go there to wash their hands. It's better to hide linen, bathrobes, hygiene products, and cosmetics from prying eyes. Leave clean towels for guests and wipe all surfaces from dirt and dust. Pay special attention to the sink, bathtub, faucets, mirrors, and toilet.

Tip 6

Next, you should clean the kitchen, especially the sink and stove. After a thorough cleaning, vacuum all the rooms.

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