How to clean suede shoes: secrets for tough stains

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Cleaning suede shoes will not be a problem with these life hacks

When you buy a pair of suede shoes, you invest in a truly luxurious item that will perfectly complement your wardrobe. But at the same time, this is also an item that will require special attention, because textured suede gets dirty quickly, and it's not as easy to clean as smooth material.

Although it is not so difficult if you take into account the proven life hacks for caring for suede. OBOZ.UA has collected some effective tips for use at home.

Brush against dirt

Be sure to buy a special brush for this material along with your suede shoes. Then, when you come back from a wet street, let the pair dry well and simply brush it along the direction of the pile with this brush. Dirt and dust will be easily removed from the material. If you don't have a special tool at hand, even an ordinary brush with soft bristles can work. For example, a toothbrush.

Scratch eraser against scratches

A small office tool can miraculously heal shallow scratches on suede. Just rub the damaged area with the eraser in the direction of the pile and the problem will disappear before your eyes. You can also use it to rub stains on suede. The eraser removes dry dirt well.

Masking tape for stains

You can remove a fresh stain from suede shoes with masking tape. Simply place the adhesive side of the tape on the stained area and gently tear it off. Do not rub the tape hard so as not to tear off the villi. It is better to repeat the technique several times.

Clean water is the enemy of suede

As paradoxical as it may sound, you should not clean suede with plain water. It can leave stains on the material by itself. If you want to wash away visible dirt, prepare a mild soap solution or add a teaspoon of ammonia to a glass of water. Apply this mixture to a cloth or cotton pad, but make sure it is slightly damp, not wet, and only then wipe the stain. Always remember to dry your shoes away from heat sources after cleaning.

Baking soda and talcum powder against grease

A mixture of baking soda and talcum powder will remove greasy and damp stains from suede without any effort. Mix the two products in equal proportions and pour a small amount of the mixture on the stain. After 15-20 minutes, remove the residue with a brush. During this time, the substances should absorb all the dirt.

Don't forget about protection

Whatever you use to clean your suede, don't forget to treat it with protective agents afterward. There is a wide range of special sprays on the market that will protect the material from dirt and water, so your shoes will look like new for longer.

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