How to clean different stains on wallpaper: life hacks

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You can clean stains on the wallpaper with improvised means

Not all wallpapers are easy to clean. But sooner or later, stains appear on all of them. Grease, dust, pets, and children's incessant desire for creativity all leave their marks on the walls. But you won't be able to make cosmetic repairs every time.

That's why OBOZ.UA asked for life hacks on how to clean wallpaper that is not intended for washing. It turns out that this is quite possible if you approach the process reasonably.

Study the labeling

As a rule, on the packaging of wallpaper, manufacturers indicate what kind of care they can withstand. For this purpose, there is a special marking - an icon in the form of waves:

  • one wave - the surface is resistant to moisture and can be wiped with a cloth;
  • two waves - the wallpaper can withstand washing with soapy water and a sponge;
  • three waves - waterproof wallpaper that can withstand the effects of detergents;
  • brush - the surface can be scrubbed with a brush.

Use the right product

Different products are suitable for removing different types of stains. Including inexpensive and improvised ones. Here is a small guide to such substances.

Alcohol - removes traces of marker, red wine or juice. Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and gently wipe the stain from the edges to the center until it disappears. This may require several approaches. Alcohol dries quickly and leaves no residue, so there is no need to rinse it off.

Food acids such as vinegar, citric acid, and hydrochloric acid can cope with almost any stain on the wallpaper. So lemon juice or (even better) a solution of citric acid can be used to remove yellowing, grease, or markers. Apply citric acid with a gently moistened sponge. Vinegar dissolves glue well. To do this, apply it undiluted to the stain. And hydrochloric acid is a weapon against brilliant green or iodine. The solution is applied to a soft cloth, gently moisten the stain with it and leave it to act for 5-7 minutes, then wash off the residue with a damp sponge.

Soda - suitable for cleaning even dried food stains. Mix baking soda with water to a paste, apply it as a kind of compress for 15-20 minutes, then remove the bulk of the product, and if necessary, gently rub the remaining dirt to remove it mechanically. Finally, wipe off any remaining soda with a damp cloth.

Talcum powder is effective for fighting fat. But you need to act quickly. Use talcum powder or baby powder based on it to treat a fresh stain and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. During this time, it should absorb the fat. After that, the talcum powder is swept off the surface with a soft brush. Repeat the cleaning if necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide - is good for removing stains of juice, blood, or drawing materials. However, it can also damage the dye of the wallpaper itself, so you should first test the peroxide in an inconspicuous area. Moisten a cotton pad with peroxide and gently wipe the stain toward the center until it disappears.

Laundry soap - a solution of this classic product is suitable for cleaning wallpaper from any light dirt. Dilute solid grated or liquid soap in water in a ratio of 1:10 and wipe the surface with this solution using a sponge. After washing the wallpaper, wipe it dry.

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