How to clean blinds and roller blinds quickly: ways to get rid of sticky dirt

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Cleaning the window area can be quick and uncomplicated

Cleaning windows is hard to miss because the dirt on them literally catches the eye. But blinds and roller blinds are easy to overlook during such cleaning. Meanwhile, without proper care, they can get covered in dust, grease or dirt, especially in places like the kitchen. So it's a good idea to have a way to quickly clean blinds in your arsenal.

Whether you have fabric blinds or wood blinds, roller blinds or Venetian-style blinds, cleaning blinds is easy if you know how to do it. OBOZREVATEL tells you about the ways that take just a few minutes.

How to clean horizontal blinds

The material of which horizontal blinds are made can be anything - wood, vinyl, aluminum, fabric. Start by closing them and checking where dust has accumulated. Next, take a dry microfiber cloth or an old terry cloth sock and start wiping each slat lengthwise, moving in a top-down direction.

Then open the blinds and run the cloth/sock over them again. Don't forget to wipe down all vertical parts as well - control knob, fasteners, etc.

After dusting, vacuum under the window to collect all the dirt you wiped off the blinds. Or wash the floor.

How to clean fabric roller blinds or vertical fabric blinds

To remove dirt from vertical and fabric blinds, use a dust roller. It is best not to clean them with a vacuum cleaner, because even at low power it can deform and damage the fabric.

If there are any stains on the textiles, use a soapy solution of laundry detergent. Dilute some powder or gel in warm water and work the stains in with a soft brush. Then take a microfiber cloth and gently blot the cleaned areas dry.

How to clean blinds that have mold on them

Mildew on blinds can occur due to condensation that collects on the windows. Under conditions of high humidity, fungi begin to develop and stains appear on the surface. At the first sign of mold, wipe stains with undiluted white vinegar.

How to clean greasy blinds

The problem of grease is especially acute in the kitchen. If vinyl or aluminum blinds are dirty with grease, put them in a tub and pour lukewarm water so that it completely covers them. Add some dishwashing liquid and white vinegar to the water. Leave the blinds in this solution overnight. In the morning, the grease should easily wipe off the slats.

It is better to dry blinds on a horizontal surface after washing them. This can be done outside, with an old sheet or towel placed under the cleaned item, or on a grid in a well-ventilated room.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told you how to quickly clean the kitchen from greasy stains.

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