How to clean a cat's litter box best: the smell will disappear instantly

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A strongly scented agent can deter the cat from the tray forever

Maintaining a cat's litter box in a pristine condition is a science. Owners strive to keep it as fresh as possible to eliminate odors, understanding that their feline "owner" is sensitive to strong smells and may refuse to use a litter box that emanates scents like "spring flowers," "frosty freshness," or disinfectants. The question then arises: how to clean the cat's litter box to ensure there is no odor?

OBOZREVATEL has compiled the primary recommendations from technologists and veterinarians on this matter. The key guidelines are as follows: cleaning should be regular and avoid the use of aggressive chemicals or strongly scented products. It is optimal to clean the litter box once a week.

Hot water

An effective and safe method for cleaning the litter box is to fill it with very hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. Subsequently, brush the walls and bottom thoroughly, and rinse it again with boiling water to eliminate bacteria. This cleaning can be performed more frequently, with a weekly hot wash generally being sufficient.

Baking soda

Regular baking soda possesses a notable deodorizing effect and rinses well from surfaces. It is safe for cleaning pet bowls, let alone litter boxes. Baking soda can be added to the water during soaking and used as an abrasive to remove stains and stubborn dirt.

Dishwashing liquid

Not all liquids are suitable for cleaning a cat's litter box. It should be odorless, and using one designed for children's dishes is optimal due to its mildness and safety. Add a few drops while soaking the litter box, then rinse it several times to ensure thorough cleaning.

Laundry soap

A mild solution of laundry soap, whether bar or liquid, will effectively clean the litter box. Any mild laundry soap can be used, provided it lacks a strong odor, particularly citrus scents that cats may dislike.

Hydrogen peroxide

A small amount of hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect the litter box. For example, spraying the product on the washed container and leaving it for a few minutes. However, the peroxide must be thoroughly rinsed off afterward.

Special products

Special sprays, liquids, or powders designed to eliminate cat litter odor are available at pet stores. Formulated with substances safe for the animal, these products can prevent odors for an extended period. Typically, they are used to treat the litter, but they can also be applied in small quantities when washing the litter box.

What you should never use to clean a cat's litter box

Never use bleach, especially chlorine-based bleach. Some cats may be attracted to the smell of chlorine, but it is harmful to them. Ammonia-based products are also prohibited due to their pungent odor, which may deter the cat from using the litter box. Vinegar should not be used either, as some pet owners use it to discourage cats from marking corners. Cleaning the animal's litter box with vinegar is not advisable.

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