How to choose the right bangs according to your face shape

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Bangs suit everyone. Source: pixabay.com

Sometimes women dream of a new look but don't want to radically change it. In this case, stylists advise to make bangs. After all, you won't have to cut off your long hair, and your appearance will still be different.

BAZAAR writes about how to choose the right bangs for your face shape. The publication claims that bangs are suitable for everyone, you just need to choose the right one.

Round face

A straight bang, slightly elongated on the sides, is suitable for this shape as it will help to visually narrow the face. The main rule is that the bangs should be slightly longer at the temples than in the middle of the forehead. In addition, do not make it thick, otherwise, the face will visually become wider.

Straight bangs will be great for a round face.

Oval face

The statement that everything suits the oval face shape is somewhat erroneous. When it comes to bangs, a thick and straight one that covers the eyebrows will be an excellent choice. However, you can experiment with various asymmetrical or ultra-short options.

Not everything is suitable for an oval face either.

Triangular face

For those who have a triangular face, stylists recommend a textured, "untidy", medium-length straight or torn bangs.

Torn bangs go with a triangular face.

Square face

For women with square faces, thick, oblique bangs will help soften the angularity of their features. Asymmetrical layered bangs are also a winning option.

Asymmetrical bangs are a great option for square faces.

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