How to check if it's time to water your indoor plant: a simple way

Indoor plants require timely watering. Source: Pexels

Houseplants are not only a decoration of our home, but also clean the air from carbon dioxide and increase humidity. To prevent the flowerpots from drying out, you need to water them on time.

Especially in the hot season, plants are in great need of water. OBOZREVATEL has collected tips on how to properly care for indoor flowers.

In summer, plants need more care because with the onset of heat, the humidity and the amount of light in the apartment change. Therefore, during this period, it is important not to harm the flowerpot by excessive watering, as this begins the process of decay, which delays growth.

You can tell if the soil in the pot is dry by sticking your finger a couple of centimeters into the ground. If you don't feel any moisture, you should water the plant. But do not allow too much water to remain in the pot, as this will harm the roots.

A safe option for keeping plants moist is to spray them. This way, you won't overwater them.

It is also worth finding out which flowerpots like light and which are better in the shade. This will help prevent the leaves from burning. Excessive sunlight only harms the plant and prevents it from growing.

This also applies to the colder seasons. Do not place flower pots close to hot radiators or heaters. But too cold places and drafts will also harm them.

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