How to bring a dry lawn back to life: tips for gardeners

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How to restore the lawn in the yard

Spring is a busy time for gardeners. The first thing to do is to make sure that the lawn wakes up as soon as possible after the winter frosts and bursts into bright green. However, this is not an easy task: after winter frosts, yards often do not look their best. There can be many reasons for this: poor soil quality, excess dry turf, waterlogging, or vice versa - lack of moisture, fungal diseases, pest attacks, etc.

Expert Chris McIlroy from The Grass People shared his advice on how to create the perfect lawn that won't fade until late fall. The details were reported by the Mirror.

The first step is to remove weeds and organic debris that accumulates between the soil and the living grass. The dead layer, according to the expert, can suffocate the lawn, blocking the necessary nutrients and the process of water absorption.

Weeds, moss or invasive plants will take away nutrients and space from the grass. The expert also recommended aerating the soil to allow the lawn to breathe.

"Compacted soil restricts the movement of water, air, and nutrients. A regular pitchfork or a mechanical aerator will come in handy. This process creates small holes in the soil, allowing for better circulation and root development," McIlroy emphasized.

Before sowing, gently rake the soil to create a "seedbed" and improve seed-to-soil contact. Then apply the grass seed evenly at 50 g per square meter and water thoroughly.

The life hack that really brings your lawn back to life is to keep the soil moist, which is really important for decking recovery. Water deeply, but not too much, to encourage deep root growth. Avoid frequent shallow watering, which promotes root weakness and weed growth.

Fertilizing will help stimulate healthy growth. Choose a slow-release fertilizer to give the grass the strength to take root and grow to its best potential.

Regular m owing is essential when it comes to keeping your lawn as lush as possible. Set the mower to the appropriate height for your grass type and cut no more than one-third of the blade of grass at a time. Regular mowing promotes healthy growth and prevents weeds, so try to mow your lawn once a week in spring, summer, and fall.

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