How to behave on the bus: basic rules of etiquette

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Rules of etiquette on the bus

People who have traveled by bus at least once have encountered the problem of passengers violating obvious rules of etiquette and thus disturbing others. In any situation, it is worth remembering the rules that will ensure a pleasant atmosphere and help avoid awkward moments.

True manners will be shown in unusual and emergency situations. OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of rules that every passenger should follow during a long bus trip.


The main luggage should be placed in a special section in the bus, and only what you may need during the trip should be taken into the cabin. Think about the contents of your hand luggage in advance so that it does not interfere with the person sitting next to you. Only lightweight items should be placed on the upper shelves so that they do not fall on others.

Personal space

Everyone has their own personal space, so try to avoid physical contact during the trip, don't talk too loudly, and listen to music or watch movies with headphones only.

If you want to get to know a passenger, start a conversation politely and with a smile, but if you see that the person is reluctant to make contact, it is better to leave them alone.

Food and perfume

Perhaps the most common problem when traveling by bus is snacking. Take food with you that doesn't have a strong odor, because some people may even throw up. It's better to eat outside during a stop, so you won't disturb anyone.

Also, don't wear perfume with a pungent, intense scent if you're going on a trip. For example, your neighbor may be allergic to them.

Raise the seat back when getting off the bus

If you decide to go outside during a bus stop, don't forget to raise the seat back to the position it was originally in. This may disturb other passengers.


Young children do not yet understand all the rules of behavior, so their actions can disturb other people on the bus. Before the trip, have a conversation with them and prepare them for the fact that you will be traveling with other passengers for a long time and need to behave politely.

Also, think about what to do with your child on the bus, take their toys or download their favorite cartoon.

Do not disturb the driver

The driver should not be distracted from the trip, and you should only address him/her if the issue cannot be postponed until the next stop. The driver is responsible for the safety of all passengers, so be polite to him and understand when he cannot fulfill your request.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published rules of etiquette, where it explained how to make a delicate remark to someone without offending them.

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