How to behave in a theater: etiquette rules that must be followed

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Theater etiquette

Theater etiquette has been evolving for centuries. High art was once the domain of the aristocracy, so they paid attention to all aspects, from clothing to behavior.

However, there are some etiquette rules that audiences often forget. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to discover whether it's appropriate to applaud the actors if the performance is running late and why you shouldn't rush to the cloakroom before or during the curtain call.

Rule 1

Applause can sometimes be considered bad manners, such as when the performance is only delayed by 5-10 minutes, and the audience starts clapping and calling the actors onto the stage. Delays are usually due to unforeseen circumstances, and the organizers will handle the issue without your involvement.

Rule 2

You should arrive at the theater 30-45 minutes before the show to have time to check your coat and take your seat. According to etiquette, if you're late, you should only enter the theater during intermission.

In a concert hall, it's not customary to applaud between movements of a larger work, such as a sonata or symphony, as it's considered impolite.

Rule 3

Maintain a quiet atmosphere in the theater. Disrupting a dramatic monologue with the rustling of candy wrappers or the sound of opening a soda is uncomfortable for both actors and the audience. Unnecessary noise can undermine the efforts of those on stage.

Rule 4

In large theaters, there are specific procedures for presenting flowers to actors. For instance, ushers may collect bouquets in the orchestra pit and deliver them personally to the recipients, provided that the recipient's name is indicated on the bouquet. In other theaters, it's customary to send flowers to actors backstage. Check in advance if the theater allows personal delivery of flowers to the actors after the performance.

Rule 5

Do not rush to the cloakroom before waiting for the actors to take their bows; this is considered a serious breach of etiquette and shows disrespect.

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