How to banish moles from the garden: long-term methods

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How to get rid of moles

Moles love to dig tunnels that can ruin patches, lawns and flower beds. By leaving behind uprooted flowers, spoiled vegetables and numerous mounds, moles are not on the list of desirable guests in the yard.

Note that in the past, baking soda was often used to control moles and voles. This is a very dangerous product that leads to the painful death of animals. Sante Plus publication offers eco-friendly and safe hacks to scare moles away from your beds.

Spoiling crops and the aesthetics of your lawn aren't the only downsides of mole visits. Rodents can eat up to 80 percent of their weight in insects, worms or larvae each day. Moles also disturb the root system of plants by tearing the ground with their large claws. They are usually not a serious threat to humans, but they are carriers of parasites, ticks and fleas. In rare cases, these mammals can carry rabies.

Why excessive watering of beds should be avoided

Moles love dark and wet places. They move in underground tunnels about 60 cm deep. Soft soil is easier to dig and has more earthworms. Excessive watering can therefore make a bed attractive to small pests.

What are the signs of moles

The main and obvious sign is mounds piled up on the surface. The attack of moles can be also evidenced by an increase amount of spoiled grass, as when digging tunnels, moles disturb the root system of plants.

How to get rid of moles in the garden

Garden care

Moles like dark places in the yard and garden. Organize all hiding places and corners that they might use as shelter. Make sure the lawn is well mowed. Moles are attracted to layers of mulch, wood chips and any other organic debris. Reduce the frequency of watering as much as possible.

Barriers around the garden

Experts advise forming an artificial border around the garden. Dig a trench 60 cm deep and 15 cm wide around the area you want to protect. Backfill the trench with stones and cover it with wire mesh.

The right plants

Garlic, onions, daffodils, mountain ash, hyacinth, milkweed caper and lavender act as natural scents. The intense smell of the plants will act as a repellent to moles. Marigold plants release substances that repel insects and larvae. Therefore, they limit the presence of moles in the garden.

White vinegar

Moles hate the strong acidic smell of vinegar, so it can also be used as a repellent. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle in a 1:3 ratio. Then spray the mixture on burrows and tunnels dug by moles. However, be careful when spraying the solution in the garden as it can damage plants.

Coffee grounds

Experienced gardeners suggest sprinkling coffee grounds on the lawn and garden, as well as holes in mole tunnels.

Plastic bottle

Another tricky way to scare off moles in the vegetable garden is to tease their hearing. The good old-fashioned way is using plastic bottles. Insert the neck of the plastic bottles directly into the moles tunnel and be sure to pierce the bottom of the bottle. This will result in an echo that will broadcast annoying noise inside the trenches.

Castor or olive oil

A solution of castor oil should be sprinkled directly into the mole tunnels. For the remedy to be effective, it must be combined with other ingredients: garlic powder, coffee or aromatic essential oils.

You can also mix ½ cup castor oil with ½ cup soapy water. Dilute 3 tablespoons of the solution in 3.5 liters of water and pour into the burrows. Instead of castor oil, you can also use olive oil.

Elderberry compost

Elderberry branches have a potent substance called sambucus. Moles will not attack your bed if you surround it with elderberry branches planted in the ground. Another good option is to pour elderberry manure directly into the trenches.

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