How to banish moles from the garden: a method without chemicals

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The smell of some plants and flowers will deter moles

Moles are very stubborn and annoying rodents that are difficult to drive out of a vegetable garden or orchard. Once they have taken over the beds, pests can regularly ravage crops and spoil the harvest.

Moles can be chased away without chemicals. All you need to do is plant a few plants in your bed that can instantly ward off pests. Sante Plus tells us the details.

Onions against moles

Specialists recommend planting a common onion in a bed often attacked by moles. The pests can't stand the smell of onions. To do this, simply sow onions around your beds to protect them from mole raids.

How hyacinths can help

Hyacinths are beautiful spring flowers that will not only beautify your bed, but will also ward off moles. The strong smell from hyacinths instantly makes these harmful rodents leave the bed.


Daffodil in the bed

Moles will also run away from the smell of daffodils. Experts advise planting daffodils even in a chaotic order in a bed or bed. This will discourage moles and preserve the crop.

What is the imperial grouse and why are moles afraid of it

A little-known plant, the imperial grouse (fritillaria imperialis) will not only decorate your seedbeds, but also give moles the signal to flee. Like onions, this flower has a strong odor that irritates pests' sense of smell. Moreover, this plant is ideal for deterring all types of rodents, including field mice. Emperor's grouse should be sown around beds and in places where moles have already dug their holes. Because of its strong odor, Imperial grouse should not be planted around patios or balconies.

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