How to achieve perfect cleanliness at home: tips for housewives

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How to achieve perfect cleanliness at home

Cleaning the house can be a significant challenge for housewives who may tend to overlook difficult-to-reach and inconspicuous places. As time passes, dirt and dust can accumulate in these areas, leading to even more contamination.

To achieve a perfect level of cleanliness at home, there's no need to call a cleaning service or purchase expensive cleaning products. OBOZREVATEL has gathered effective tips to assist you in achieving this goal.

You can efficiently clean your house without expending excessive energy or time; you simply need to understand how to organize the process correctly.

Cleaning Products

The fewer cleaning products you have, the better. Choose a few cleaning solutions that you require to clean your home. You can opt for all-purpose products, but make sure to check if they are safe for different surfaces, or you can create your cleaning solutions using natural ingredients.

Rags and Sponges

It's essential to have microfiber cloths. They are suitable for wiping various surfaces, including mirrors, without leaving lint behind. Keep separate clothes for the kitchen, bathroom, and other surfaces to prevent the transfer of dirt and germs from one room to another.

The Right Cleaning Technique

The most effective way to clean any room is to work from top to bottom and wipe surfaces from left to right. This approach ensures that you don't miss any spots and allows you to clean the entire room quickly.

This method is particularly useful when dusting top shelves, as any dirt will fall to the floor, which you can then clean up with a vacuum cleaner and mop at the end.


Before you begin dusting and vacuuming, put all clothes, toys, and other items back in their designated places. Cleaning underneath a pile of clothes or cluttered items won't effectively remove the dirt. Only after everything is tidied up can you proceed with dusting.


The kitchen is often the most time-consuming area for housewives. Start by washing dirty dishes and returning everything to its proper place. Next, dust the top shelves. You can wipe the kitchen cabinet facades with a microfiber cloth using suitable cleaning products.

For stainless steel appliances, heat a microfiber cloth in the microwave and use it to wipe the necessary surfaces. This method helps remove grease without leaving any residue. For tougher stains, you can use specialized cleaning agents or dishwashing detergent.


Apply the cleaning solution to the designated areas following the provided instructions and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then wipe everything clean with a fresh cloth and rinse thoroughly with water. Afterward, apply the special cleaning product to the mirrors and glass doors in the shower, and wipe away all the dirt with a dry cloth.


Finish your cleaning routine by vacuuming and mopping the floors. It's advisable to start vacuuming from the far end of the room and move towards the front door. This way, you won't leave debris and dirt on the cleaned areas. Then, mop the floors to eliminate dust and germs.

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